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after spyro and cynder defeted malifor and saved the world from being destroyed they left the centre of the planet and fled to a place from spyro's past.
Cynder:spyro where are we.

Spyro:this is dragon island Cynder.

Spyro:this place used to be my home.

meanwhile somewhere deeper in dragon island.

Flame: Ember I've got big news for you.

Ember:(sigh) what.

Flame:spyro has come back!!!

Ember jumps up in excitment


Flame:yeah he's down by the lake go and see him if you like to.

ember rushes straight to the lake as fast as she can.

(meanwhile at the lake)

Cynder:thank you for bringing me here spyro this place is amazing.

Spyro:your welcome cynder.

Spyro and Cynder stared at eachother Cynder started to blush and turned away Spyro went over to Cynder and gave her a hug. Cynder felt much better thanks to spyro.

Cynder:thank you spyro.

SPYRO!!!!!! said something in the bush.

Spyro:oh no.

Cynder:Spyro who was that

Spyro:(gah) Ember.

Ember:oh Spyro you came back for me.


Cynder:excuse me.

Ember:hu who are you

Cynder:im Cynder and you.

Ember:im Ember and spyro was just about to ask me to marry him right Spyro.

when ember and cynder turned to spyro he was gone.

Ember:look what you've done you drove spyro away.

Cynder:me your the one who drove him off.

Ember pounced on Cynder and began a fight.

Flame saw what was going on and told them the rules of fighting

Flame:what are you two fighting about?

Ember:she thinks spyro is hers but he's not.

Cynder:why you

Ember:i challenge her to a fight.

Cynder:Fine with me.

Flame:you two must fight in the dormant volcano do you say yes to this contest.



Flame: very well you two head up to the volcano while i look for spyro.

after two mintues of sheraching Flame found Spyro sleeping under a tree.

Flame:yo Spyro wake up.

Spyro:im already awake Flame.

Flame:oh well nevermind but i have bad news for you.

Spyro:all right tell me.

Flame told Spyro about the contest and what might happen to the girls.

Spyro: ive got to stop this.

Spyro took flight to the dormant volcano but buy the time he got their the contest already started.

Spyro felt angrey inside he breathed fire the midile of their fight cynder and ember know whos fire it was it was Spyro.

Ember:Spyro its you.

Spyro:i would like to talk to both of you. now!

Spyro,Ember and cynder went down to the lake.

Spyro:ember we had fun in the past but i did not like-like you and cynder ive been waiting a long time to say
this for a long time.

Cynder:what is it.

Spyro:i love you.

Cynder:is that true Spyro.

Spyro:yes it is.

Ember felt heartbroken now

Ember:i'll leave you two alone.

Spyro moved closer to Cynder and kissed her on the cheak

Spyro:willyou be my mate


Spyro kissed Cynder on the lips as they looked in the river and they were one.

Meanwhile with Ember

Flame:Ember are you ok.

Ember:no because i lost spyro.

Flame:well can i tell you something.

Ember:what is it.

Flame:i love you.

Ember was surprised when Flame said (I love you).

Ember:really Flame.

Flame nodded.

Ember moved closer to Flame and pressed her lips aginst his.

Ember broke the kiss.

Ember:I love you too.

Flame gave Ember a hug and moved under a oak tree.
I wrote this story because I like spyro and cynder
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princesscelestia09 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Student Photographer
good story dude! tobor i love your storys to!
ultradragon123 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I kind of like it, maybe repeted alot and not the best ever but it's got a good storyline and it's pretty good!
BLU0NI Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
tobor88 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011
A little short, but still great.
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